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One day, while photographing vehicles for online sales, I randomly met an agent.  At that time, I'd my leather portfolio with me.  The agent asked, "Have you ever shot Rock n' Roll?" I humbly said no. Yet, confidently assuring him I could.  He perused and critically critiqued my portfolio.  Shortly thereafter, I receive an e-mail.  I was booked to photograph The Guess Who, at Moondance Jam; onstage and in front of 50,000+ people.  I'd the crappiest camera, in comparison.   A Pentax.  I juggled switching out two lenses as the band played.  I shot the concert in jpg format.  Had never used Photoshop.  Adjusting White Balance wasn't in my vocabulary.   In fact, I'd only transitioned from my beloved 35mm to digital 10 months earlier.  Looking back on that experience, I never fathomed another concert gig.  I was wrong.  Less than a month later, I'm headed to Sturgis. Professionally, I was thriving.   As a single Mom of  2 boys, I gratefully took every photo job.  We were living in a 1BR apartment.  I wanted better for my sons.  The local US Bank branch asked me to display my work, in their lobby.  I had consulting sessions, with amazing organization; Women Venture.  Women Venture  chose me, as the recipient of the Joe Selvaggio award.  I felt empowered.  And, was excited about the future.   A business loan was in process.  I'd been pre-qualified to purchase a townhome.  I was published, on the back cover of  Pollstar, with Five Finger Death Punch on the front.  Mitch Ryder chose my image, for the cover, on his upcoming CD.  Unfortunately, due to the economy, the CD never released.  Then one day, in early November 2008, it all fell apart.   Just a week after being published in Pollstar, my computer had been keylogged.  I was a victim of Identity Theft.  Everything I'd worked so hard for, was stolen.  All my bank accounts.  All my equipment was corrupted.  It was a nightmare that didn't end.  Little did I know, that within six months, it was my life that nearly came to an end.  I'd nearly died from a word I'd never heard of; Sepsis.  

After surviving Septic Shock in May 2009, it was my mission to one day form a non profit specific to those impacted by Sepsis.  Sepsis Survivors Inc., a 501(c)3 public charity was founded June 2014.  I encourage you to click on the link above to learn more.  Post Sepsis, life changed.  I physically cannot keep up with the demands of working as a photographer full time.  I still take on jobs.  My passion for photography is part of me.  However, raising awareness, providing supports and building a direly needed organization has been priority.  The above images were taken from May 2008 - November 2016.  Many people say "You look normal."  I feel a visual shows more.   You see the devastation Sepsis, and any other life threatening illness, does to a family.  Poor health leads to an inability to earn.  Hence, financial destruction.  Endless moves, often forced to settle for substandard and unsafe housing.  The emotional strain on children.  It leaves scars; forever.  

I'm fortunate to be alive.  Many people lose loved ones; daily.   Sepsis is preventable, with the proper medical team.   A piece of advice.   A bad haircut grows back.  But, an inept medical facility can kill.   Sadly, I and many others, were left in the hands of inept facilities.   I encourage anyone to do an online check before choosing a primary care physician, specialist, ER and a hospital.  You will see if the physician or facility has been fined, sanctions, previously revoked license; and much more.  You'll find the links, to the upper left.  

       You've only 1 life.  Live it!  Love It!  & Keep on Jammin' ~Angie Lembo


Co-Author - Critical Care Medicine - December 2016, Volume 44 - Issue 12 - p425 and p429

Sepsis Survivors Engagement Project - 3.2014-6.2015
Founder/CEO - Sepsis Survivors Inc. - 2013 -
Public Speaker - Kaiser Permanente - 4.2014
Social Media - Sepsis Alliance's, Sepsis Heroes Gala, NYC - 9.2012

Photographic Experience - 7.2000-present

Published - Pollstar - 10.2008
Published - Outdoors Weekly - 6.2007

Bands- The Guess Who, Mitch Ryder And The Detroit Wheels, Joey Molland of  Badfinger, Sammy Hagar, Buckcherry, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Rival Sons, Van's Warped Tour, Memphis May Fire, echosmith, Middle Finger Salute, New Beat Fund, RdGldGrn, AER, The Black Moods and more.

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