Sepsis Survivors Inc.
501(c)3 charity

Angie Lembo - Founder and Sepsis Survivor
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Sepsis Survivors Inc.
After surviving Septic Shock in May of 2009, I had a vision.  Build a community to improve the quality of life for Sepsis Survivors.   After years of silent suffering, and a plethora of health issues post sepsis, I knew something had to be done.  I wasn't the only one suffering.  In March of 2013, I launched a support group, specific to Sepsis Survivors, on Facebook.  Suddenly, I felt less alone.   Hearing others stories of suffering and injustices fueled my passion.  Operating from a 1 BR condo, with two sons, in Rancho Mirage, CA, I did it.  Sepsis Survivors Inc., became a reality in June 2014. #SepsisChat was born as well.   2014 was an incredibly productive year.  However,  I was living in denial, ignoring my  health.  That all changed.

Following an emergency Colon surgery in April 2015, against medical advice, we embarked on a cross country journey.  We set off on the #SepsisTour2015.  An award winning director, my son, our pug and I drove cross country to meet and film fellow Sepsis Survivors.  From Southern California to Birmingham, AL.   It was a life changing experience.   I have no regrets.  But, I never allowed myself time to heal from a major surgery.  I ignored doctors orders.  And, I paid for it.  In the two years, much has changed.  I was forced to step back and take care of my health.  We moved to Birmingham, AL, as University of Alabama has outstanding healthcare.  I'd need another emergency Robotic Colectomy in January 2016.  It's been a journey.   I've finally accepted I am disabled.  I have limitations.   I cannot take on photography jobs, as I once did.   I am committed to growing Sepsis Survivors Inc., at a slower pace.  It's taking time.  And, I will not give up.   We've lost far too many friends, family members, and celebrities to Sepsis.  No one is immune from Sepsis.  

As I recoup from a fractured wrist, with upcoming Rheumatology, Neurology, Endocrinology appointments, I encourage you to connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  

Life is about helping one another.  We must unite to help our brothers and sisters; by empowering, caring and sharing.  ~Angie Lembo